Tick Test Benefits

Test the Carrier

Tests the tick, not the person or pet

99.9% Accuracy

99.9% accurate DNA identification of Lyme Disease causing pathogen

Better Diagnosis

Provides doctors & vets with critical information

Rapid Response

Receive your test results from the lab within 3 days of sample receipt

Providing a quick, inexpensive and 99.9% accurate DNA test result.

For victims of tick bites, a swift, correct diagnosis of the presence of Lyme Disease is of critical importance, so if infected, doctors or vets can determine treatment.

Our Tick Test kits are compact and durable, perfect for storing in your medicine cabinet, or for convenience, in your back pack, golf bag or first aid kit.


Who Needs a Tick Test?

Outdoor Athletes

Ticks are outdoors — and so are you if you’re at an outdoor sporting event! So whether you’re on the playing field, on the golf course or cheering from the sidelines —  you can be sure, ticks will find you.


Spending time surrounded by wilderness significantly increases your chance of luring in a tick. With the rapidly spreading tick population, camping out in your own backyard can make you just as vulnerable to tick bites.

Hikers / Runners

Anyone who enjoys the great outdoors — hiker, runner or weekend warrior — you don’t have to be in the deep woods to be in a tick-infested area. Suburbia, even urban parks can be havens for ticks

Pet Lovers

Dog & cat owners, groomers, trainers, equine enthusiasts & veterinarians. Lyme can be just as devastating to our furry friends. Constant monitoring for the presence of ticks should be a daily grooming habit.


Arguably, the least discussed but most vulnerable to tick-exposure is the hunter. Some of the most popular and best hunting locales have the most dense tick populations. Plus, tick season runs much longer than most know — from spring through late fall in most areas.

Outdoor Professionals

Landscapers, builders, environmentalists — anyone making a living in the outdoors should keep Cutter Tick Tests right in the field first aid kit. It’s a key part of helping keep employees safe from Lyme.

How the Cutter™ Lyme Disease Tick Test Works

Step 1

When you find a tick or ticks on yourself, your child or your pet, simply remove the tick(s) with the included easy-to-use tick removal tool. Place tick(s) into the provided specimen bag. You may submit multiple ticks, but the TICKS MUST BE FROM ONLY ONE HOST (person or pet).

Step 2

Complete the test submission form. Apply one of the unique control labels to your specimen bag, one to your submission form and one to the detachable stub to keep for your own records. Place the form and specimen bag into a standard envelope. Apply the pre-addressed mailing label to the envelope, add postage and mail.

Step 3

Your tick(s) will be evaluated and results reported to you via email, phone, fax or U.S. Postal Service (your choice) within 3 business days of receipt. The result of the test is intended to provide you and your physician or veterinarian with important information to help determine risk of exposure and subsequent clinical treatment.


No Hidden Fees! All Lab Fees are Included!

Receive your 99.9% Accurate Test Results as Quickly as 3 Days!

Compact Kit Perfect for Convenient Storage at Home or on the Go! (2.5"W x 3.5"H)

The Cutter Brand is Trusted by Millions!

Your Kit includes a Pair of Tweezers Perfect for Removing the Tick!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is tick testing?

Tick testing is scientific process performed in a laboratory using molecular biology techniques to determine whether a tick has pathogens that could cause diseases in humans.

Are there additional fees to get the tick(s) tested?

No. All lab fees are included in the price of the Cutter Lime Disease Tick Test.

Can I submit more than one tick per kit?

Yes. You may submit multiple ticks, but they must be from only one host (person or pet) to help ensure accurate test results.

How do I get my results?

Your tick(s) will be evaluated and results reported to you via email within three business days of receipt.

What should I do if I get a positive result?

Contact your doctor or veterinarian. Regardless of test results, if you or your pet are experiencing any symptoms, consult your doctor or veterinarian.

What’s in the kit?

All kits contain an easy-to-use tick remover, alcohol wipe, specimen poly bag, 3 control labels, tick/Lyme test submission form, pre-addressed mailing label.

Can you tell me about the DNA Lab?

Testing is provided by the Northeast Wildlife DNA Laboratory, East Stroudsburg University, PA.